Fantastic! You have made an exceptional choice to obtain more information about becoming a “Kelly Girl” and working for one of the best and most established companies available.

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age
  2. Prior experience is necessary
  3. A versatile ability to play out any and all fantasies
  4. A landline phone - cell phones and VOIP are NOT permissible
  5. Internet connection, for web profile and occasional customer emails interaction
  6. A US based bank account or re-loadable bankcard. We pay electronically and will not mail payments

We supply you with your calls and do not require you to troll for customers. However, we do offer you the ability to expedientially increase your revenue. You will be provided a toll-free telephone number with a personal extension and a link to your personal web Profile page. When a new customer joins through your efforts, you will receive 20% of all his sales – even if you don’t personally do a call with him.

  • You are paid each Wednesday for your previous weeks calls
  • Payments are made electronically into your bank account or bankcard. We do not mail checks
  • Pay Scale
    • Less than 60 seconds - this is invalid and there is no payment
    • During the hours of 4PM till 8PM and Midnight to 9AM (Eastern Times) 50¢ per talk minute. All other others use the following scale:
    • 1 min – 2 min 59 seconds         20¢ per min, add 5¢ if it is a SelectCall*
    • 3 min – 5 min 59 seconds         35¢ per min, add 5¢ if it is a SelectCall*
    • 6 min – 9 min 59 seconds         40¢ per min, add 5¢ if it is a SelectCall*
    • 10 min – 19 min 59 seconds     45¢ per min, add 5¢ if it is a SelectCall*
    • Greater than 20 minutes           50¢ per min, add 5¢ if it is a SelectCall*
      *SelectCalls occur when a customer ‘selects’ you specifically based on your greeting or personal extension number
    • 20% lifetime revenue share on any customers that have joined through your marketing efforts
  • Payment statistics are ‘Real Time’

How do I apply?
  1. Read and fully understand the Requirements listed above. If you comply with them, continue to number 2
  2. Fill in the below form so we can contact you
  3. Call the toll free number (displayed after clicking the Submit link) and leave your recorded phone audition

First Name
Last Name
Telephone Number